Our Culture

There's a reason LunchboxWax attracts a tremendously high caliber of people, from franchise owners to waxologists. Similarly, it's not by accident that LunchboxWax guests are intensely loyal and happy to say so. The LunchboxWax vibe is hand-crafted, head-strong and heart-filled. Our purpose is crystal clear, and our unique culture is at the center of who we are. We are:

Beauty is our guiding light. We’re not talking about the skin-deep, all-for-appearances visage (not that pretty bothers us, by any means!), but rather through and through beauty -- the essence that leads to strong relationships, acceptance, support, respect, warmth, hospitality, laughter, joy and delight. We provide beautiful experiences in beautiful settings; we use beauty to appeal to all senses. We find beauty in the grit it takes to be an authentic person and in the drive of professionals compelled to operate from head, heart and soul.

We move together aligned as a tribe, as allies who support the strength and integrity of the whole and work to make each other smarter and more brilliant and more successful. We listen. We join together. We support each other and extend this authentic, genuine sense of unity to everyone near us.

Purposeful (and purpose filled)
Everything we do is purposeful, fueled by mindful intention. Powerful and palpable, you can feel this wide-awake clarity when you visit our salons. We started with a vision to build a franchise that offered exemplary service and run as a positive force in business. While we are innovative and energetic, our growth and perpetual re-invention is thoughtful and meaningful. We focus on the details and the large, sweeping landscape to create a whole experience that is mindfully constructed down to every last ingredient in our products, every step integrated into our waxing technique, each salon we open and every genuine smile you receive from us.

The Best Way

The best way to get to know us? Come meet us. Feel free to stop in to one of our salons (even just to say hello and learn about LunchboxWax firsthand). In the meantime, learn a bit about Debi Lane and the franchise team.


"I was so intrigued by this 15 minute wax, I gave up my usual neighborhood jaunt and drove to NW to check this salon out. I am very happy with the product and service and will definitely be making the drive across town for these ladies!"

Teala — Portland LunchBOX