About Us

Let’s not beat around the bush here. LunchboxWax is a full-service, speed-wax salon. The quick gist: People walk into LunchboxWax with hair they don’t want. Just a handful of minutes later, they leave without it, and they stay that way for weeks at a time. We cater to women and men who are mindful about the people they choose for personal care. We wax bottoms and brows, cheeks and chests – a little (like ear fuzz) or a lot (from tip to toes).


Mom always said you are the company you keep, so we’re selective about our expertly trained waxologists as well as where we open our salons. You’ll find us in affluent, progressive communities. So, if there’s a LunchboxWax in your ‘hood, congratulations. That means you’re pretty amazing. You’re probably beautiful, smart, genuine, successful and edgy – the whole lot of you.

Walk into any LunchboxWax, and you'll instantly feel you're in capable, caring hands. We pay attention to every detail, be it the steps we take to provide the perfect wax service to the products we've formulated to pamper the skin of every guest before during and after a session. The clean, urban layout of each salon is thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable vibe.

If you want to know about our unique, speed-waxing technique and all of the other ins and out of what makes LunchboxWax the only place so many people choose to go for their waxing services, check out our FAQs section.

Raising Eyebrows
We don’t just wax eyebrows, we raise them – and we’re cool with that. It’s all because of Ms. Box, the sweet, daring, unmistakable face of LunchboxWax. Her look? Universal. Her vibe? Cheeky. Hip. Chic. Unique. The reaction she incites? Anything from a subtle blush to an ecstatic high-five. She’s the backdrop for group photos, the topic of party conversations and at the core of our growth, success and intention to empower our guests, our salon owners and absolutely everyone around us.

The Back Story

LunchboxWax CEO + Founder Debi Lane showed her entrepreneurial mettle when she realized that whole word-of-mouth thing was putting her waxing style on the map. For years, she owned and operated a multi-service day spa in Sun Valley, and many vacationers eagerly waited until they made it back to the uber-chic resort to receive the carefully crafted speed waxing services from Lane and her team. Lane saw a need, dreamed of the potential and launched the state’s first wax-only salon in 2010.

“I came to realize waxing was generally an after-thought or add-on at spas as well as hair and nail salons,” Lane said. “A comfortable, clean and chic destination dedicated to nothing but someone’s comfort and waxing needs makes sense for consumers and business owners. It’s proven to be the smartest business move I’ve ever made.”

LunchboxWax began awarding franchises in 2013, and the entire team gets school-girl giddy (yes, even the men) when plans to open another salon in another community come about.


"Chelsea did a fantastic job! I was very impressed and found her to be extremely personable and professional... I will definitely be back!"

Toni — Portland LunchBOX